Compose a detailed plan specifying appropriate methodologies and an associated user experience design process timeline to solve a user experience problem

Blog post(s) and associated research & design artefacts describing and demonstrating:

Final Design

Taking our new feedback into consideration we created our final design. During the last round of user testing we discovered that in the PC version of MS Teams you can open a program in a separate window that can be resized and repositioned, while still allowing you the…


By storyboarding the process each character went through while completing the task, we were able to get a greater understanding of their problems. As Krisztina Sverovay (2017) notes that creating scenarios helps us determine “the most important points to focus on during the UX design process.”

With our teacher…

Hi, I am Daniel a designer from Belfast currently studying for a MSc in User Experience at IADT. Working alongside fellow student Michaela McParland our first project is to analyse and then improve upon the MS Teams application, giving us an introduction to the user experience design process.

Working process

Fig 01 | 5-stage Design Thinking model proposed by the Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford.

Daniel McCloskey

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